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   Ayman Raafat Elgendy

   Born: November 1980 - married  

   iphone EG : +20 100 68 99 1 77

          USA: +1 415 226 6011


     As shown in my attached CV, I have more than 13 years of teaching experience in the Digital production industry, and I believe the knowledge and skills built up during this time make me the right/perfect candidate for the role.


     In my current role as a Assistant professor / Multimedia Supervisor at “CIC” Canadian International College in Cairo I have been responsible for managing and teaching Digital media production Courses, as a part of University of Ottawa classes, and updating them regarding Quality Assurance unit “QAU”.

The load of my classes last semester has reached 31 hours per week with up to 30 students per class including broadcasting studio training and was successfully committed with highly appreciated evaluations and final projects. Moreover, I have contributed in upgrading the Broadcasting Studio workflow and the Macintosh Computer Labs using my work experiences in the Field.


     Also my 2nd Current role as an Education manager at Fusion VFX academy gave me the chance to work on the international media programs Authorizations Accounts for more than 10 years. Teaching and attending more than 20,000 hours of private courses in more than 10 countries allowed me to apply digital media in several different industries, organize events, seminars international exams and Authorized Course outlines beside managing certified courses instructors. In addition using my practical media production experience allows me to utilize my media production knowledge to define and solve problems; integrating theories and knowledge helping my students to build their own portfolio and show reels, presenting themselves, show up their work and get exposed to the community of media production.


       My position allows me to teach students the relation between media production tools and creating ideas, understanding how to tell their stories in short movie starting from brainstorming ideas till reaching a final product. Students would learn how to integrate digital technology with Film production and get the most of it, share their projects and join film festivals. Also adding new certified courses could be useful for the teaching tracks, besides getting new Digital Media teaching Authorizations helps the business to grow up and raise the border of success.



Dr. Ayman Raafat Ph.D.



     for More details Kindly download PDF CV file .




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